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Maid in Germany – Everything you want to know

If you are looking for domestic help in Germany and you need a Maid in Germany or Housekeeper in Germany this post is for you!

Recently I gifted myself a new Robot Vacuum Cleaner and that was a turnaround moment for me because I have saved myself a ton of time while cleaning the house. But this post is not only about that.

Cost of Maid in Germany – Video in Hindi

If you are here for Robot Vacuum Cleaner then you may find all the details further down in the post.

What all things you need to know for Domestic Help in Germany?

Well If you are looking for hiring a maid in Germany, then you need to be aware about couple of the things.

There are no Official Domestic Services in Germany which offers housekeepers as such but there are couple of companies which helps you find one which we will go over in some time.

The best way to find a housekeeper in Germany is by word of mouth or by checking the local advertisement. The best idea would be to ask your Landlord about this because usually they offer to introduce their personal housekeeper to you.

Tip no 1- Do check your rent contract as in some cases it is mentioned as a must have to hire a cleaner on the monthly basis. This happens mostly when you are staying alone and renting a space in Germany.

Tip no 2 – Now you may have to learn couple of words related to cleaning because it will be quiet difficult for you to get a English speaking maid in Germany.

What all things does the Housekeeper take care of ?

Now let us quickly discuss about the duties or task for which you will get help from hiring the Maid in Germany.

Now you may have your own idea of help because in India you will almost get a maid for doing all the task for you but that is not the same in Germany. So below are the couple of things for which you get help from your maid

  • The cleaning staff only cleans your house.

They do not wash or iron and do not make windows unless certain special arrangements are made. They also do not usually make beds, change linens or wash. You will have to discuss this and reach a consensus on what is included in cleaning duties if you want to do any of these things.

Like in my case the Maid use to charge around 25 Euro and she use to do all the things mentioned above which I had quoted above for which you need to talk and come into agreement.

How do you do the payment for getting domestic help in Germany?

Payment is per hour and can be done at between €10 and €25 per hour depending on the area you live in. Ask for the current rate in your vicinity. The city usually costs more than the outskirts. Payment at the end of the month is usually made, but this needs to be arranged separately. The offer as a Christmas bonus during the holiday season is always a nice gesture.

If there are any legal requirement for hiring maid in Germany?

The short answer is no if you are hiring someone just for 1 time a month. But if you are looking for hiring someone for an entire month or so then this answer changes.

The legal rule state that :

Up to a monthly amount of € 325, the employer only pays the Social Security Authority a social security contribution of 22% (€ 71,50). In this case, there is no household assistance wage withholding tax. The social security fee is also subject to a monthly tax filing requirement.

Payments over €325 a months are more extensive than the above-mentioned reporting and filing requirements.

A nominal amount of €33,75 per year also includes accident insurance.
You should contact your relocation firm or your local registration office if you need more details on this.

Can you ask your housekeeper to clean windows?

Well the answer is if it is inside your house then upon agreement that will be alright. But actually in Germany it is another expertise area for which you can hire individual to clean your windows.

Given that many of the windows cannot be reached, it may be best for the professionals to do this work. In most local newspapers or on the Internet you can find window cleaners advertising.

You can expect to pay anything from €30 for an apartment to €82, depending on your size and the number of windows to be cleaned. Once the window is cleaned, payment is made in cash.

What about Laundry & Ironing?

For men’s shirts the washing and ironing service is offered most of the dry cleaners (Reinigung). This is called bügeln  and charged per unit. Pay from €2 to €2.50, depending on the surface of your shirt. Also, you can iron your linen and tablecloths — it’s called mangeln and not as costly as hand-ironing shirts.

In Germany, dry cleaning is very good, even though the dry cleaning agents used here smell deceitfully mild. Everything from curtains, duvet and pillows can be cleaned dry. Some dry cleaners also offer teething services.

Can I hire a helper for Gardening in Germany?

Expect to pay for this type of service quite a bit. This may only involve tearing the raspberry or the entire garden. Your best bet is for your landlord to arrange this. Search your local news or the Web for advertisements as an alternative.

What about Babysitter in Germany?

Babysitters are as few as cleaning workers and word of mouth is often the only way to find a trustworthy babysitter. Currently, the childcare rate is 5€ per hour.

Where I can find Maid in Germany?

If you were not lucky to find a domestic help in Germany by your Landlord or word of Mouth then I am sure below option will help you get started.

Spic and Span

Maid in Germany
Maid in Germany

If you are looking for an English speaking Housekeeper in Germany then website could help you get them. They have options for one time service as well as subscription basis.

The cost of hiring a maid for One-Time would be roughly around 50 Euro for Basic Cleaning and roughly around 80 Euro for Deep Cleaning, If you want to know what is covered in that you can check here

Maid in Germany
Maid in Germany


You can use this website for hiring a cleaner in Germany and if you are personally a clean and looking for Cleaner Jobs in Germany then you Register as Cleaner here.

For details around Cleaner Jobs in Germany I will cover that part in later days. In this section I will just cover about hiring a cleaner from helping.

Now this is more like a repository for cleaners and based on the below mentioned criteria your can hire a maid in Germany

  • Your Location
  • Your Frequency
  • Date of Cleaning
  • Duration
  • Starting Time

Example for one search for Cleaners in Frankfurt

Housekeepers in Germany
Housekeepers in Germany

One thing to note here as well is that the person you will hire needs to hired for minimum 2 hours.

You can check this website here


This is another website similar to Helping which offers both Cleaner Jobs and Cleaners in Germany. Now the interesting thing about this website is that you can also use the filter mentioned there in order to find the cleaners of certain expertise.

Like above I explained you can hire Window Cleaner for cleaning windows and Laundry and Ironing is handle by some one else. Well on this website you have the option to filter them out.

You can check one sample for Frankfurt here

Cleaners in Germany
Cleaners in Germany

Now you also have options like Maid Easy however this is more like a company only helping for people in Berlin and this is fairly high as well.

What is the average Salary of Maids in Germany?

A person working as a Cleaner in Germany typically earns around 1,030 EUR per month. Salaries range from 470 EUR (lowest) to 1,640 EUR (highest).

If you are looking to read more detailed comparison around this you can read on this really nice post Cleaner Average Salary in Germany 2021.

How to look for Housekeeper Jobs in Germany?

Few days ago I shared one post around Jobs in Germany you can follow along that post if you are looking for Cleaner Jobs in Germany.

In the meantime you can also register on Helping & Putzperle they both offer jobs of cleaner in Germany in which you can set your Hourly Rate from 1 Euro to 30 Euro and start working as a Housekeeper in Germany.

What is an Alternative for Housekeeper in Germany?

A million dollar question and the reason for this post, Being a proud owner of Robot Vacuum Cleaner, I feel totally relaxed and happy since the day I started using that for cleaning my home.

Benefits of having Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I will subdivide this in points so that you can follow along

  • It saves times and effort.
  • It is customisable and automatic.
  • It cleans better than me.
  • It is cheap compared to hiring a maid in Germany, In a cost of 3 Visit of Maid in Germany you can hire a good Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

I think above all sums up every reason why you should have a Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Some of the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner to buy

Before talking more about the different options available for Robot Vacuum Cleaners in Germany let me quickly tell you all which one I bought and I have been using.

I bought the OKP Robot Vacuum Cleaner which cost around 109 Euro currently if you use the discount coupon on Amazon. Couple of good things about this is that it has Life Time Warranty for support which was a deal breaker for me.

Below are couple of the options which you can buy from Amazon

These are all the details you want to know if you are looking for hiring a Maid in Germany. Looking to follow some trips and route then read Best Cycling Routes in Germany

Do let me know if you have any question is comments or you have any questions about Germany by sending me a message using Contact Me

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