Finding jobs in Germany

This is how you find a job in Germany in 2022

If you are looking for a Job in Germany or you are looking for an answer to How to Find a Job in Germany then I have got you covered.

Watch workboards, watch the dream job, or be invited for an interview by push message? More than 1,000 employment portals can be found in Germany. Approximately 77 million work ads are published every month. Here are the main addresses which you need to be on lookout for.

This post is for you if you are looking for answer for any of the below questions:

  • How to find a job in Germany
  • Where to Find a job in Germany
  • What are the ways to find a job in Germany
  • How to find English speaking jobs in Germany
Finding a Job in Germany
Finding a Job in Germany

Now I will subdivide the complete post into different categories of the website which you need to keep a check for while finding Job in Germany.

The official Websites of German Government for finding Jobs in Germany

If you are looking for a permanent job or Internship you must not miss taking a look at the Federal Employment Agency. It is always recommended to know the German language if you are planning to relocate to Germany, however, there are still some English speaking jobs in Germany. Honestly speaking, the competition for those English speaking jobs is very high.

The Networking Portals

Business networks offer an important advantage when you are applying for jobs: connections. You can market yourself, get in touch with companies, or catch up with former colleagues. The German platform Xing and its American counterpart LinkedIn are the Facebooks of job boards. Now I didn’t mention Facebook for Jobs here because I haven’t noticed much around that. It helps only sometimes like when you are looking for Mini Jobs or Part-Time Jobs in Germany.

As I mentioned in the video, do consider connecting with professionals on Xing and Linkedin to know more about the company apart from applying for jobs published on these portals.

The General List / Job Boards

General job boards cover all occupations, sectors and regions of Germany. All types of companies publish their ads in them. The best generalist which you need to keep a check for, are StepStone Germany and

I personally found my job on Indeed, so if you are looking for a Job in Germany then I am sure you will find something below.

The Start-up Jobs

Finding job in Germany is really tricky when it is the case when you don’t know where and how to look for it. If you are looking for getting the VISA sponsorship then many Start ups in Germany do give you this option of VISA sponsorship to move to Germany from India.

After all, all you need to have is a job offer in your hand before applying for Employment Visa in German Embassy of your country.

Finding Jobs in Germany: Complete Course

Complete Course for Finding Jobs in Germany by Bharat in Germany (BIG Academy). Even though times are tough, there are still hundreds of students and professionals getting hired in Germany because they are applying to jobs, the German way and this course teaches you exactly that and much more!

How to find Jobs in Germany for Indians (Hindi Vlog)

I hope you liked my list of places where you can look for a Job in Germany. If you have encountered some other website which helped you to land a job in Germany then drop that in comment box below so that it can help other people who are looking for jobs in Germany.

If you want to read about Moving to Germany then you can check my other post. Don’t hesitate to drop a message to me if you have any questions by reaching out on Contact Page.

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    Thank you

  3. Hallo Eri, My self Manjunath and I am from India.Thank you for sharing such diverse information with us and thank you for your efforts. I have a bachelor degree and have been working for US Healthcare for the last ten years. Are there employment opportunities available to me in Germany. If you could provide me with some information about that, it would be very helpful.

    1. Hello Manjunath,

      Yes the opportunities are available, Request you to please check the website which I have shared and start applying for jobs which doesnt require any German language requirement in the starting.

  4. Hello Eri
    Thanks for putting detail information regarding job search from India.I am working professional in Automotive sector from India having 10 years of experience.I am using LinkedIn,Xing,Stepstone to get job so for not positive response.Please show me some steps or suggestion where I am lacking.Please reply me on if possible.

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    For JSV it’s mentioned that 5 years of minimum experience is required in suitable domain. I’m working in Pharmacovigilance (pharma sector) so do I need to complete first my 5 years or I can directly apply.

    What do you suggest?

    Thank You

    Yuvraj Yadav

    1. For Job Seeker Visa, people always recommend coming with 5 years of experience. This work experience criterion is not mentioned anywhere on the Visa checklist. So, it is not a mandatory rule to come with an exact 5 years of experience, sometimes you can also get JSV with 3-4 years of experience.

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    I am a working finance professional in a Multinational bank with 10+ years of work ex. I do not have any professional degree, I am a commerce graduate thats it. Could i still attempt for finding a job in Germany? Please share your opinion/ guidance. Wish you good luck.

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