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Everything you need to know about Salon in Germany

I have been asked multiple times by my audience to tell everything I know about Salon in Germany. What is the cost involved? and Whether it is affordable or not, because this is going to be one of the monthly expenses for you if you are planning to move to Germany.

In this post I will be sharing my tips and tricks for saving money while using the Salon in Germany or maybe entirely avoiding it if you good and you learn couple of things.

Now if you looking to know about the Beauty Salon in Germany then you should know the German name for that which is Schönheitssalon.

How to search for the right Salon in Germany ?

So you want to get a hair cut? or maybe getting your hair coloured and you just head out to the market and see the shop and check the price but you aren’t sure if this is the cheapest Salon in Germany near you or not.

Well, here are the steps which I follow before researching around that.

I search for the Salon near one of the main place in my city. And since mostly the Salon in Germany has their own website listed I easily find their price chart on their website.

Follow along the steps mentioned below – Example for Frankfurt, Hauptwache.

1. Search for the Salon in Hauptwache on Google.

2. Click on the Salon Name and then Click on the website.

3. Once you have opened the website find the Price chart.

Look for the things which you want to get it done eg. Haircut and Yoo Hoo!! You have got the amount you are going to spend for getting the haircut.

Salon in Germany Frankfurt Hauptwache
Salon in Germany Frankfurt Hauptwache

Follow the same process mentioned above to find the closest and cheapest Salon in Germany. The trick is to search for a salon in the famous market places where there are many options available so you will tend to get competitive pricing.

What is the cost for Salon in Germany?

When I moved to Germany from India the only thing for which I first interested to know about the cost was getting an Haircut done in Germany.

Below I have listed down the basic cost of things if you are planning to go to a Salon in Germany.

Cost for Men (Herren)

Cost ( Euro & INR )
Hair Cut15/17 Euro or 1327.53/1504.53 INR
Shaving10 Euro or 885.02 INR

Cost for Women (Damen)

Cost ( Euro & INR )
Hair Cut15/20 Euro or 1327.53/1770.04 INR
Hair Cut with Wash25/30 Euro or 2212.55/2655.06 INR
Facial40/50 Euro or 3540.08/4425.10 INR
Smoothening40/70 Euro or 3540.08/6195.14 INR
Eye Brow (thread)10 Euro or 885.02 INR
Upper Lip5 Euro or 442.51 INR
Waxing Full Hands40 Euro or 3540.08 INR
Waxing Full Legs40 Euro or 3540.08 INR

Cost for Children (Kinder)

Cost ( Euro & INR )
Haircut15 Euro or 1327.53 INR

Tip for You

– Join groups on Facebook for your city and you get an idea about the cheapest places by asking question.

Substitute for Salon in Germany

At times I skip going to Salon in Germany and then take care of most of things here inside home only. Now below are the couple of things which I bought here in Germany and it helps me out to save the cost of visiting Salon in Germany.

Hair Styling

Straightener and Curling Iron

One step Straightener


Trimmer & Shaver

Veet Precision Trimmer

Philips Satin Trimmer

Braun Shaver


Philips Epilator

Panasonic Epilator

Braun Epilator


Veet Strips

Balea Wax Strips

Veet Bikini Wax Strips


Gillette Venus

Gillette Venus Comfort

The above list are some of the product which I have bought which are one good substitute for Salon in Germany.

This was all the information which you need for finding the cheapest Salon in Germany.

Do let me know if you have any question is comments or you have any questions about Germany by sending me a message using Contact Me

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