How to apply for Statement of Comparability Germany

What if my university is not listed in Anabin?

In this post I am going to explain around Statement of Comparability Germany if you are unable to find your university or Degree on Anabin.

If you still don’t know how to check whether your degree is valid in Germany you can read my post Is your educational qualification valid in Germany?

What is Statement of Comparability?

Let us first understand what is Statement of Comparability.

In short, the Statement of Comparability is an assessment of whether your qualifications in the higher education in overseas countries can be compared to your German qualification by the German Central Office of Foreign Education (ZAB).

The primary purpose is to identify an equivalent German qualification and to detail how in a German professional or academic setting your international qualification can be utilised.

When is a Statement of Comparability useful or necessary?

The Statement of Comparability is for use in non-regulated professions, for example biologists, physicists and linguists, for specialist workers with academic training. The Statement of Comparability does not substitute for the recognition process for regulated professions.

Competent third-country workers are allowed into Germany to obtain a qualified employment if their foreign qualifications equate to the German qualifications for higher education. In order to determine this, a statement of comparability is usually required. This is only possible if the foreign university and qualifications are recorded and evaluated in the Anabin database.

So in short if your University is mentioned as H+/- then you will have to apply for statement of Comparability. If you want to read more about H+/- Grading then it is mentioned on my other post Is your educational qualification valid in Germany?

Do you need Statement of Comparability?

In case if your university is present on Anabin and has H+ mentioned as grading , also if your university degree is also present there and has the H+ rating on it then you don’t need statement of Comparability a simple print of the Anabin database page would be enough.

If it is anything different then that then you will have to apply for Statement of Comparability.

How to apply for Statement of Comparability Germany?

Once you have determined if you need to apply for a visa or work statement, the next step is to actually apply for the ZAB comparison.

Find what all documents you need for your country

You will need copies of various documents, in order to complete the assessment, to submit a request for a statement of comparability from ZAB. The exact documents required by ZAB will be determined by the degree you received. 

Check for the required documents here

You will have to select your country based on that it will open the document which has the checklist
Checklist for Applying Statement of Comparability Germany

General Documents which you will need are mentioned below :

  • Application form with your signature
  • Official diploma (degree certificate, final or provisional) in English as a certified photocopy
  • A university-attested copy of the mark sheets / consolidated statement of marks /official transcripts in English in an unopened envelope sealed by the university or an electronic version submitted to our email address [email protected] directly by your university (registrar /evaluation section/board of examination).
  • Secondary school graduation certificate for grades 10 and 12 (certificate of secondary education, certificate of higher secondary education) in English as a regular photocopy
  • Identity document (valid passport) as a regular photocopy

Step by Step Instruction for Applying for Statement of Comparability

1. Make sure that the ZAB can issue a Statement of Comparability for your
type of degree (see following page).

2. Fill out the application form on the ZAB website.

3. Print out the application form.

4. Sign the application form.

5. Compile the documents (photocopies and translations) that are required
for your Statement of Comparability

6. Send your application form along with the documents to the ZAB address
on the front page of the application form by post.

The mailing address is mentioned below

Statement of Comparability Germany

Tip for Eu Blue Card

If you have received a job offer which allows you to get the EU Blue card then in that case you can select the ‘Purpose of Application’ as Blue Card beantragt and attach your employment offer

Statement of Comparability Germany
Statement of Comparability Germany

If you follow this then the process will be expedited for you.

Pay for the Statement of Comparability Germany

Lastly pay for the applying for the Statement of Comparability.

Once ZAB receives your full application via mail, ZAB will notify you of the payment details for the declaration of comparability.

If you are applying for your first comparability declaration, the fee will amount to €200. The fee is €100 for subsequent requests. Payment by bank transfer must be made.

Once ZAB receives your payment, they will send you a payment confirmation and start processing your Statement of Comparability. Note: ZAB will not start processing your application until they have received the payment. For further information about the payment process to ZAB, see here.

Statement of Comparability Germany

These are all the steps which you need to follow you are not able to find you University and Degree on Anabin. If you don’t know how to check that then read this post Is your educational qualification valid in Germany?

If you are looking for job in Germany check this post This is how you find a job in Germany

Do let me know if you have any question is comments or you have any questions about Germany by sending me a message using Contact Me

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