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Hello, my name is Ertiqua also known as Eri in Germany. Yes, Ertiqua is my real name.

What is the meaning of Ertiqua? Well, it means to succeed with time, meaning Going Higher, Ascension, To Evolve, and Become Better.

It was not long before when I moved for work in Germany and trust me when you are coming to a different country it becomes really difficult to adjust to the new culture and not to forget there is n number of things which you have to take care of.

It took some time to finally settle in Germany. If you are looking forward to knowing more about me and this website then read along. I am sure you will find some nice information about Living in Germany on this website.

My Mission

The main mission behind the creation of Eri in Germany is to spread information and knowledge about Moving to Germany, Studying in Germany and Working in Germany accessible to everyone in an easy manner.

Occasionally I will also be creating content around Travelling in Europe because this is something which I like a lot about staying in Europe.

Who is Eri in Germany?

Eri in Germany is a Lifestyle Indian Vlogger based in Germany. Eri is a full-time working professional, who works as Data Analyst and makes videos about Life in Germany. She finished her Bachelor in Science (Maths) and MBA in International Business in India and gained some decent years of work experience before moving to Germany.

Her hobby includes making videos, travelling, and trying different cuisines. She is fond of cooking, baking and also likes playing games on PS4. Fortnite is one of her favourites.


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Are you looking to collaborate with me?

If you are looking for a business discussion with me or have some work for me then please feel free to contact me on my Contact Us page. I will be more than happy to discuss this.