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Eri in Germany

I’m Digital Content Creator sharing Lifestyle Content about Living in Germany.

Join me as I explore the rich culture, beautiful scenery, and interesting mix of Indian and German life.

Eri in Germany

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Indian Lifestyle Blogger Living and Working in Germany.

Market Intelligence Analyst

Hardworking 9-5 Professional working full-time in Germany.

Lifestyle Blogger & Vlogger

Hobbyist Blogger and Vlogger sharing stories about living in Germany with my active social media presence.

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Collaborating with Brands and Businesses for creating User Generated Content with my first-hand experience.

Hello, I’m Ertiqua, also known as Eri in Germany. Yes, Ertiqua is my real name. The meaning behind Ertiqua is to succeed with time, symbolizing progress, growth, and personal development.

When I first moved to Germany for work, adjusting to a new culture and taking care of numerous tasks proved to be quite challenging. However, with time, I managed to settle in. If you’re curious to learn more about me and this website, keep reading. I’m confident you’ll find valuable information about living in Germany right here.

So, who exactly is Eri in Germany? Well, I’m an Indian vlogger living in Germany, sharing insights into the German lifestyle. Alongside my full-time job as a data analyst, I create videos about life in Germany. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Science (Mathematics) and pursued an MBA in International Business in India. Before coming to Germany, I gained valuable work experience.

My mission is to spread information and knowledge about moving to Germany, studying in Germany, and working in Germany easily accessible to everyone. Occasionally, I’ll also create content about traveling in Europe, as it’s something I greatly enjoy while living here.

Eri On-Camera

Unveiling Life through the Lens: Eri’s Adventures on Camera

Eri in Germany
Passionate Youtuberin (see what I did there?)

That is what my Visa says 😛
Jokes apart I like making videos.

Eri is also in some of the articles

Recently was featured by together with the German foreign office.


Sharing my story from Germany with you. I strive to provide you with authentic and practical advice that will empower you to make the most out of Germany

Content Creator That Makes a Difference

Believing in the power of connection, authentic information that will make a difference in your life.

Giving back has always been
extremely important to Eri.

For Eri, giving back has always held tremendous significance. With a genuine desire to make a positive impact, Eri is dedicated to using her platform to contribute to meaningful causes and uplift others.

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