Birthday Ideas in Frankfurt Germany

11 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas in Frankfurt Germany

Birthday Party Ideas in Frankfurt to celebrate your birthday in Germany along with your friends or family. If you’re travelling for business or leisure or you live in Frankfurt, there’s always a lot to see and do on your birthday. So what better way to spend your time than with friends and family, sharing moments that will last a lifetime?  Here are a few amazing and awesome birthday party ideas on how to make your birthday in Frankfurt Germany beyond memorable.

Since I am in my 20s, I created this list according to my interest, you can also explore your choices around this list.

1) Visit the Main Tower Restaurant and Lounge (53rd Floor)

The Main Tower Restaurant is an exclusive, modern design and a first-class concept reflects what our guests can expect high above the rooftops of Frankfurt: On the 53rd floor, at a height of 187 meters and with a direct view of the city, you can enjoy an excellent evening in our elegant and stylish restaurant Menu of your choice.

The lounge offers you space and atmosphere for an aperitif before dinner or a cosy end, for example after a visit to the theatre or a concert. Main Tower Restaurant & Lounge is one of the most popular Frankfurt addresses for connoisseurs with high demand. And of course, there are always fantastic views of the city.

Birthday party ideas in Frankfurt, Birthday ideas in Frankfurt Germany
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

2) Take a bike tour around the city

Frankfurt is a city with so much to offer that it can be hard to fit it all into just one trip. So if you’re looking for a way to get your bearings in this sprawling metropolis, we’re here to help. I have put a detailed description of the best bike tours and how to take them in Frankfurt.

But let’s start at the beginning: what are the best bike tours in Frankfurt?

Explore Frankfurt by bicycle on this exciting 3-hour bike tour. Visit the famous sights and get exclusive insider tips on the city. Learn more about the cider taverns and discover the trendy district of Sachsenhausen. I hope your friends are strong enough to ride bike for 3 hours on your birthday.

Birthday party ideas in Frankfurt, Birthday ideas in Frankfurt Germany
Alt Oper, Frankfurt

This bike tour is ideal for both Frankfurt old-timers and new visitors to the city. The tour offers the perfect mix of famous landmarks (the Römer, European Central Bank, the Goethe House, etc.). Your qualified tour guide will show you the most beautiful sides of Frankfurt. Your tour begins in the heart of Sachsenhausen, one of the most popular districts in the city. Numerous old buildings from the Gründerzeit period give the neighbourhood its flair, as well as numerous trendy bars, cosy cafes, and a wide selection of restaurants and traditional cider taverns.

Cycle through small streets and the painters’ quarter to the southern banks of the Main River with the famous Museum Embankment. Here you will find the Städel Museum with the spectacular extension and the renowned exhibitions, the Liebieghaus, and the Museum of Applied Art.

Cross over the Holbeinsteg bridge to the other side of the Main River and ride through Frankfurt’s old town. The Römer overlooks the old royal road leading to the Frankfurt Cathedral (which isn’t actually a cathedral) and the beautiful half-timbered buildings.

Birthday party ideas in Frankfurt, Birthday ideas in Frankfurt Germany
Bike Tour around Frankfurt

Cycle through the heart of the city on traffic-free roads to the new and old opera houses, and admire the impressive cityscape with its high-rise towers. A detour takes you to the old stock exchange with the popular motif of the bull and bear.

Back on the Alleenring, you will cycle east of the city and return to the Main River. The new landmark of the city will then be located directly in front of you. The new tower of the European Central Bank (ECB) is the impressive counterpoint to the high-rise buildings located on the west side. Then, ride across the much-acclaimed new bridge from the East Harbor back to the southern banks of the Main River, and make another detour to the Gerbermühle building.

You will then cycle a few meters back to the starting point in Sachsenhausen, where the tour ends. At the end of the tour, your tour guide will show you the traditional cider taverns in Frankfurt. One of the best suited birthday party ideas for summers.

3) Frankfurt: Skydiving Experience

Discover the miracle of flight with this once in a lifetime skydiving experience in Frankfurt. Enjoy a thrilling free-fall through the air organized by a company with over 20 years of experience in providing the safest and most fun skydiving adventure. I am sure you will remember this birthday for life long if you do this activity on your birthday.

Upon arrival at the location, listen to a quick safety briefing and jump instructions before boarding the plane. Then get kitted out with a harness, jumpsuit, and goggles. You will have 20 minutes to chat with your pilot and friends whilst looking out over the stunning views of Odenwald Mountain, right outside your window. Once you reach a height of 3000 to 4000-meters, it’s time to jump.

Your free fall will last 35 to 55-seconds. The parachute will open gently about 1400-meters above the landing area, giving you an opportunity to glide for about 4-minutes and enjoy the views. Enjoy a smooth and easy landing and receive a commemorative certificate from the crew.

Birthday party ideas in Frankfurt, Birthday ideas in Frankfurt Germany
Skydiving in Frankfurt

4) Frankfurt Flight Simulator

Come aboard the flight simulator in Frankfurt and become a commander of the sky. Decide between an Airbus A320, a Boeing B737, a Cessna C172, two F-16s or a Bell UH-1 helicopter, all of which are fully equipped and true-to-life in the fixed-base flight simulator. Whether you sit in the cabin or cockpit, live your dream of flying here.

Before the adventure begins, enjoy a greeting from a trained airline pilot in the simulation center, then head to the simulator hall for the chance to see the other simulators. Hear an introduction and learn the most important ground rules of flying in 10 – 30 minutes. Find out why planes fly and how they are controlled, then ask as many questions as you’d like and learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about flying.

Choose from over 25,000 airports and consult your instructor about your flying experience, then finally climb into the flight simulator and take off with your instructor as co-pilot. Get tips and support as you fly and experience an incredibly realistic flight.

5) Frankfurt Segway Tour

Segway adventure in Frankfurt on your birthday. Jump on a Segway and explore Frankfurt in an effortless and comfortable way. Discover the city far away from the famous skyline and visit the greenbelt that runs through the city like a lifeline. With the Segway, you can easily make your way around the city and experience a new perspective.

Admire the forest, meadows, rolling hills, gardens, parks, streams, and ponds, whose flora and fauna will enchant you. See Frankfurt-Höchst and its picturesque old town with impressive buildings. Doesn’t it sound like one of the greatest birthday party ideas in Frankfurt and spend time with your group of friends? Call your friends now and plan this adventurous ride on Segway tour.

Birthday party ideas in Frankfurt, Birthday ideas in Frankfurt Germany
Segway ride with your friends

6) Frankfurt Hotrod Sightseeing Tour

Hotrod can be one of the birthday party ideas in Frankfurt Germany to enjoy with your group of friends. Climb aboard a hotrod vehicle and start your engine. Begin at the Hanauer Landstrasse and drive straight to the industrial port of Frankfurt. Take in the spectacular views of the Frankfurt skyline known as Mainhattan.

Next, drive along the Mainufer river and pass by numerous museums. Continue on to Sachsenhausen before you drive over the Friedensbrücke bridge to reach the famous financial district. Finally, drive through the Gallusviertel and make a short photo stop at Frankfurt’s number one hotspot, the Römer.

7) ‘The Hour of the Vampires’ Scary Tour

Not recommended for pregnant women, this thrilling idea can make your birthday memorable. Welcome to the Niddapark in Frankfurt. Enjoy a 1-hour walk with a scary theatre play through the park in Frankfurt. Your journey into the darkness will start under a bridge. There, you will meet Leon and his servant. Let him tell you about how he was changed into a vampire.

In a time of the early romantic, when the air was fragrant and arousing, he found his great love. At that time Frankfurt was a prosperous commercial centre.  Like all vampires, his thirst for blood is insatiable but at the moment he can control it because his craving for revenge is much more powerful.

However, your vampire guide is not your biggest threat so be on your guard. There is a great gathering of lost souls in the nearby forest. They are waiting for the opening of the great feast and they are very thirsty. Will you dare to follow Leon on his way through the wood where his destiny will await him?

8) Frankfurt Sightseeing Cruise

The 50- or 100-minutes Frankfurt Sightseeing cruise departs from our landing stage “Eiserner Steg”. The boat leaves every hour. You have two opportunities either 50/100 minutes downstream or 50/100 minutes upstream. The tour starts at 11h00 downstream direction Griesheim. This trip takes you through the urban areas of Frankfurt towards the Western harbour. This is one of the plans suited for couples, you can arrange this romantic cruise for your loved one.

Here you have a wonderful view of the skyscrapers of Frankfurts Financial Center or you can enjoy the museums along the embankment, for example, the Städel. The ship will turn around before the Griesheim lock. At 12h00 the tour will take you upstream. This trip takes you past the beautiful embankments of the river main towards the Eastern harbour of the city. Just to mention a few sights, you can see the district Sachsenhausen and its museum embankment.

11 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas in Frankfurt Germany
Birthday Activities Frankfurt : SightSeeing Experience

You will have the chance to get off at “Gerbermühle”, a historic landmark to Frankfurt’s poet Goethe. The tours change every hour upstream and downstream. All tours are accompanied by commentaries in English and German. There are also options to book a private cruise, which would be best for a big birthday party, where you can invite all your friends. All you need to do is plan well in advance by speaking to the cruise company.

9) 19th-Century Time Travel VR Experience in Frankfurt

Travel back in time to the vibrant, everyday life of Frankfurt in the 19th century. Use virtual reality to adopt the role of a venerable merchant, just as if you had been there yourself. During your time-travelling experience, you will accompany the fictitious businessman, Theodor Riedel, through Frankfurt’s history at three exciting stops. 

Start at the grocery store and learn about the trading city during the colonial period. Immerse yourself in the store’s hustle and bustle, learn about the fragrant spices and exotic goods and admire the shop’s interior. Then, make a virtual visit to a private library.

Learn about the ideas and ideals of the local citizens in the setting of a family’s study.  Finally, take the virtual reality carriage ride, the highlight of your journey back in time to 1891. Board the carriage with Theodor Riedel and experience the charm of the flourishing trading city. With your VR headset, enjoy a 360° panoramic view of medieval half-timbered buildings and sublime Wilhelminian-style architecture.

This is one of the last few birthday ideas in Frankfurt Germany which will not take your complete day, just few hours instead. Why not combine this with another thrilling activity like ‘The Hour of the Vampires’ Scary Tour or a romantic Frankfurt Sightseeing Cruise.

10) Staycation in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a famous German city for many reasons, but one reason that stands out is the expensive hotel and spa industry. Frankfurt is home to some of the top luxury hotels in Europe and it’s not hard to find a spa, wellness centre or golf course nearby. Here’s the list of Best 5 starts hotels in Frankfurt Germany for your birthday and to spend some quality time with your loved one.

11 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas in Frankfurt Germany
Staycation in Frankfurt: Birthday Party Idea with your Partner

Frankfurt has many 5-star hotels that offer luxurious amenities such as lavish spas, golfing concourses and world-class dining experiences. If you’re looking for an upscale staycation in Frankfurt, Germany, your search will be over soon with these top hotels.

When visiting Frankfurt you need to know where to stay and what’s available nearby so I have compiled a list of the best hotels and tips for staying at a 5-star hotel in Frankfurt.

11) Frankfurt Private Sightseeing Tour in Retro Ape Calessino

Enjoy a unique sightseeing tour through Frankfurt with a private guide aboard a vintage Ape Calessino. Experience the freedom of a customizable itinerary, see the Old Town, and admire the sunset.

11 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas in Frankfurt Germany
Birthday Activities Frankfurt: Eri in Germany

I tried my best to collaborate all relevant activities to make your birthday memorable with your friends, family and loved ones. I hope you like the above ideas and now you have an awesome birthday party idea for Frankfurt, Germany.

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