Top 5 sources to learn German

Top 5 Amazing Resources to Learn German Faster

Learn German before entering Germany and do not forget Learning German is not EASY. I am telling you from my own experience. It’s not like you will be banned in Germany, but your life will be much easier. With consistent efforts, dedication and practice, you can still make it possible. In this blog, I am sharing both unpaid and paid options for you to learn the German language. Based on your requirement you can select the best suitable option for you.

Still, wondering about the Importance of learning German? or Why learn German?

Unpaid Courses or Free Courses to learn German Faster

If you are casually learning German, without any aim to find a job in germany or study in Germany in a German-taught program. Honestly, I would say it is just like a hobby.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best app to begin with the basics of learning german free. You can also learn many other languages along with German in this app. I find the Duolingo application like a creative option, which is fun but not very helpful if you want to complete levels like A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 C2.

I like the short stories which they share along with the meaning of the words. But in terms of remembering the grammar in German, it is not that helpful.

2. DW Learn German

Another free resource in the list is DW Learn German. They have different lessons with audiovisuals, and then you can try to grasp the maximum as you can from these videos. For example, three people together having a discussion on a topic and you will see the German subtitles.

Top 5 Amazing Resources to Learn German Faster
Learn German Fast for Free (Online Sources)

Paid Courses for learning German

If you want to enrol in a German University, live in germany, and find a job in germany, then you should be more serious about joining a proper course.

3. Goethe Insitute

Goethe Institute has its centre in Banglore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, and New Delhi and depending on the centre, the price of the course differs. Approx cost for A1 is around 20000 INR ranging up to 26000.

You will see options to join the super-intensive or intensive course. Depending on your choices,

4. Faster German Course

Faster German Course is one of the affordable language courses. The best part of this course is that you can enrol in this course from anywhere, and start the course at your own pace. This is a very cheap and affordable solution for faster learning of the German language.

There are now students who have passed Goethe Exam after studying enrolling in Faster German Course. I would say this is another great option if you are looking for a medium on how to learn german by yourself.

Wondering how long does it take to learn German? If you are consistent and dedicated and you study every day then you can finish A1 in 15 days and A2 in 30 days. This makes this course a Faster German Course which helps you in reading, listening, speaking and writing german.

Faster German A1, learning german,
Faster German A1 Course: 15 Days

5. Private Teacher or Language Institutes

Last but not least you can find a private teacher or some other institute that teaches individually or in a group to study the German language. I won’t be able to share the price because it varies dynamically. This option is also applicable to students who are already in Germany and planning to learn German in Germany.

There are many language institutes that teach students in baches here in Germany. If you are still thinking about how hard is it to learn German, then please, believe me, the language is hard, but once you try to understand the basics, and start communicating, it will not look hard.

Speaking Fluent German is a long process, if you aiming to finish Level A, Level B or Level C, you should definitely think of starting now.

Top Resources to Learn German Fast

Tips to learn German

  • Avoid taking a break between two levels, keep your studies continues
  • Try to learn German online for free by watching German movies
  • Try to speak, even if you are grammatically incorrect.

Hence, these are the Top 5 resources for learning German Fast. Let me know your favourite resource in the comments below.

learning german fast
Best 5 Resources: German Language Learn

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