Importance of Registration Certificate (Anmeldebescheinigung)

Importance of Registration Certificate (Anmeldebescheinigung)

In this post, we are covering the importance of registration certificates in Germany.

There are many people who ask me around whether they can apply for a residence permit after some time of coming into Germany or if they can stay at a place and move to a different address after a month for the Registration Certificate.

What is the certificate of registration?

A certificate of registration is proof of address for everyone living in Germany, whether a German national or an ex-pat.

For all types of processes in Germany, especially those involving any type of contract such as Registration certificates shall be required;

  • Applying for residence permit
  • Sign Up at University
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Taking out Health Insurance
  • Getting a Cell phone

Hence, it is very important for you to go for City registration after landing in Germany. Here’s a video on the first 5 things to do after landing in Germany.

5 Things you must do in Germany after landing

How to apply for Registration Certificate?

When you register with your local citizens’ office (Bürgeramt), you will receive your registration certificate. If you stay in Germany for more than 3 months, you are legally compelled within 14 days of moving in to register at your address. You still need to register if you want to sign up for any kind of contract if you’re under the age of three months.

You must provide valid identity evidence (e.g. passenger identity card or driving licence) and a residence certificate (residency certificate) from your landlord when registering your address. Unless your country is visa-free, non-EU citizens will also have to provide visas. If you are coming with your spouse, you will also have to submit your Marriage Certificate (translated in German language).

You will receive a registration certificate immediately if all your documents are in order. Your Tax ID is posted separately, which is another document you need to start a job or take off a pension or also for getting your salary.

What comes after Registration Certificate?

Once you are done with city registration, the next thing which you have to apply for is Residence Permit. Here’s my youtube video where you can find all the details related to How to apply for Residence Permit in Germany.

How to Apply for Residence Permit in Germany Explained

Please let me know if you have any request by Contacting me on Contact Page. That was all the information about Importance of Registration Certificate in Germany.

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