Valentines Day in germany gift ideas for him gift ideas for her

10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)

If you are looking for some Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany then in this post I will be covering in detail about the same.

While I am writing this post, Valentines Day is right around the corner. I know you must be thinking hard about what things to gift and how to send them to your loved ones who are in Germany.

Let’s make the best out of it and make them feel loved. The post has been divided into two major sections, gift ideas for him and gift ideas for her. In Germany, what could be more romantic than to spend Valentine’s Day visiting an actual castle on Romantic Road? You should never skip the gift though.

Valentines Day in Germany, Gift Ideas for him, Gift ideas for her
Valentines Day in Germany: Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Him for Valentines Day in Germany

1. Electronic Gadget like Trimmer, Shaver

Braun MGK5280 9 in 1 Beard Trimmer Body Grooming Kit and Hair Trimmer for Men Black/Blue. Braun MGK5280 – Now with even better-cutting performance compared to previous Braun beard trimmers.

Haircutting – cut your hair to the desired length. Simply insert the comb attachments for short or long hair – to cut hair lengths of between 0.5 to 21 mm. 9 in 1 trimmer for beard, face, head, body, ear and nose hair and a free Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide beard contour razor

10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)

2. Wallets

Wallets stay with your man for long and every day. This can be another nice and in-budget gift for this valentines day.

  • Genuine leather wallet in navy / navy blue
  • 9 credit card slots (1 x transparent), and 4 ID slots, 2 of which have a transparent window
  • 1 large zipped safety compartment
  • 2 separate note compartments and 1 coin pocket with press stud
  • When closed, its dimensions are approx. 12.5 x 9.5 cm.

3. Belts

It was very difficult to select the one from so many, so I am sharing the link here with you to find the best belt for your man. Honestly, now that I see and read more about sustainable development, I avoid buying real leather. Even synthetic leather works fine for me.

4. Perfume

If you are struggling between Eau de parfum andEau de toilette, then EAP actually lasts longer than eau de toilette. Toilette can last about three to five hours while parfum lingers for more like five to eight.

In terms of shelf life, EDP can last up to five years longer than EDT. The reason is that an eau de parfum has a higher concentration of fragrance oil than an eau de toilette. Hence, Eau de Parfum is considered better than Eau de Toilette.

5. Shaving Kit or Grooming Kit

The kit which I have included below is a unique gift for men that comes in a luxury premium gift box. Can easily be a great gift for men on valentines day, anniversary gift for dad, birthday gift for dad, gag Christmas gift for boyfriend, him and best friend who can use some beard care products to tame his beard and moustache.

  1. Beard care oil. The use of beard oil separates the amateur beard from the masterful beard. It not only softens the male mane, but also keeps beard and skin hydrated to prevent discomfort from dry skin and coarse hair.

2. Beard Care Balm: Similar to beard oil, beard balm cares for a softer, shiny carpet. The difference lies in the beeswax content of the balm, which leads to a fuller, malleable beard.

3. Beard Comb & Scissors – The natural wooden beard comb and extra sharp stainless steel barber scissors help you style, care, cut and shape the beard and moustachWooden Palm Brush: You can’t tame the man, but you can tame the beard with the help of this beard brush.

Made from 100% boar bristles. This soft yet firm brush exfoliates the skin and distributes natural oils throughout the beard for added volume and shine.

6. Men Skicare Gift

There are some good brands of men skincare like Nivea, Dove and each brand has a different variety. Some gift items come with a pouch or bag, while others are just packed in a box.

10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)

7. Laptop Bag or Bag Pack

From Traditional Laptop bags to trendy synthetic leather bags, there’s a huge range to select from. This valentines day you can actually find and gift a relevant, usable gift for him.

This would be a great idea to gift a bag as per the requirement of your man. He might be a student, working professional or a businessman. Any kind of bag would be helpful and would look like a nice gesture to me.

8. Sony PlayStation 5

What can be a better gift than PS5 this valentines day for your partner? If he likes to play games then why not.

10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)

9. Whisky Gift Set of 12 Botanicals in Spice Bottles

This looked very interesting while I was searching gifts for him online.

  • Create your own whisky: with our exclusive DO YOUR WHISKY wooden chips (Vanilla Dream, Dark Chocolate, American Sweetheart), you can even maturation in the bottle.
  • Best ingredients: natural wood and six different botanicals in attractive test tubes give your personal “water of life” an absolutely individual touch. Let your imagination (and your palate) run free!
  • High-quality workmanship & packaging: Two glass bottles with wooden corks + labels for labelling, funnel and whisky cube made of stainless steel complete the set visually – all packed without plastic, in a simple and elegant cardboard box.
  • Whisky knowledge for beginners & experts: A crisp glossary, information on the ripening woods and botanicals as well as three great recipes give you what you need to experiment as a freshly baked whisky burner.
  • Give pure pleasure: the set is perfect as a gift for whisky lovers and interested parties, or as a special highlight at celebrations and weddings. What are you waiting for? Do your whisky

10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)

10. Watch for men or Apple watch

Men do like watch, and Apple Watch would be the best option if you have a budget of 300 Euros perhaps. With the GPS model in Apple Watch SE, you can take calls and reply to text messages from your wrist. It has powerful features to help you stay connected, active, healthy and safe, Apple Watch SE can do a lot for you. And costs less than you would have expected.

One can also take calls and reply to messages from your wrist. Tracking daily fitness activities and workouts was never so easy.

10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)
Valentines Day in Germany- Gift Ideas for her

Gift Ideas for Her for Valentines Day in Germany

1. Artificial Jwellery

My first suggestion would be to check Swarovski for the ultimate latest designs. You will find so many options from rings to necklaces and earrings. There are also options to buy watches.

10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)
10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)
10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)

2. Gold, Silver or Platinum Jwellery

Christ sells gold, silver, platinum, pearl and diamond jewellery. There is just one more shop which I have personally used and its Glamira. You will find a wide range of options here, if you are going to convert in INR then it’s very costly.

If you are planning to buy amaGold then do read more about the type of material used. You will find varieties in gold colour and quality. Just like we have in India, there are few options like 14kt, 18kt.

10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)
10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)
10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Valentines Day in Germany? (Him/Her)

3. Watch

Ladies watch is another good option for your woman. You have options to choose from steel material or leather/plastic material for the strap. Let me show you where to buy watches from? The first option is, and after that, I will suggest Galeria, Christ and Zalando.

4. Makeup, Cosmetics & Perfume

If your woman is in Makeup and Cosmetics, I am not talking about skincare here because I have already made a list for Skincare separately. Who doesn’t like Sephora, I mean a woman who is into Makeup, would surely like Sephora. You can order cosmetics from Sephora, Douglas, Zalando and Galeria.

If you ask me what to order from these websites? Then you can simply buy a perfume, make up set like eye shadow palette, lipsticks, blush, eyeliner, mascara and prepare an order with all these items in it. It would be like a goody bag, full of makeup items.

5. Skincare

If your girl in into skincare, she would like moisturisers, body lotion, serums (there are so many different types of serums available in the market), face oil, sheet masks and other things that don’t look like make-up. Generally, these items prepare the base of the skin before applying makeup.

One thing which you should keep in mind is that you are aware of the type of skin she has. It can make her furious if she has dry skin and you buy products for oily skin. It will be useless because it will make her skin drier.

The good thing is, you will be able to buyfrom Sephora, Douglas, Zalando and Galeria.

6. Bags and Wallets

Bags and Wallets means a lot to a girl, somewhere I have a liking for bags be it a tote bag, backpack or sling bag. I like to have different kinds of bags in my collection. Overall, women just love to carry handbags because we don’t have pockets in all our dresses. LOL !! A bag is an item where we can keep our essentials close to us. 

Not to forget, bags are also a kind of fashion statement for women. If you talk about high-end brands in bags then you can check Dior, Prada, Chanel, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Chloé. I don’t have any bags from the bags which I just mentioned. LOL!! However, since I go for budget shopping I have a great collection from HnM, Bershka and C&A.

7. Dresses & Jackets

Girls are never short of Dresses or Jackets. Women’s fashion keeps changing every year. No Doubt this luxury is only for women because I really think men’s wardrobe would change even after years.

Shopping is something that most of the girls like and they are always questioning themselves about what to wear since they don’t have anything to wear for the party.

Honestly, there was a time, when I also used to think about what to wear, later I organised my almirah and got the answer LOL!!! I had so many options, it was just not visible because of the mess I had created in my almirah.

Talking about gifting a clothing item this valentines day, dresses are a great option. They are super comfy, trendy, glamorous items. There are many types of dresses like Gown, Shift Dress, A-Line, Wrap Dress, Halter Neck, Body Con etc. I have a limited option in this section because I only buy from HnM or C&A.

8. Accessories

You can buy belts, sunglasses, bucket hats, mufflers, woollen caps, clips and other hair accessory items. You will find many options on HnM or Zalando.

9. Shoes, Boots, Sandals

Sports Shoes, Boots, Sandals, High Heels, or Canvas, the list is so long. If you are planning to buy trendy shoes, be sure to check the size of your significant other. I generally have shoes in all the categories, but I am short of colours in each.

I really hate non branded shoes because they are just not good to wear for long, they will either sink or make your heel ache. Cushioning is very important in all my shoes. There are many options to buy shoes online like Zalando, Amazon, HnM, C&A, Deichmann.

You will get some amazing discounts on Deichmann, it’s like a one-stop-shop with all the brands available. Order now and surprise your woman with the best pair of shoes this valentines day. It’s one of the best gift ideas for her.

10. Indoor Plants

There’s hardly anyone who would not like plants, and it’s the best feeling to see them every morning, especially if it has been gifted by your loved one. There are many websites selling real indoor plants online, I am sharing a few of the top ones here. These are stores that also sell only plants and some of them are like a supermarket, you will find everything on their website. Amazon , Otto, Kaufland, Hornbach, Ikea.

How to send gifts to Germany from India of Abroad?

If you are not living in Germany and want to send gifts from India or any other country abroad, then the following websites would be a good source to order flowers, cakes and orders can be easily be made online. In a few of the online markets, there would be a minimum order of delivery so don’t forget to check the minimum order of delivery or any extra delivery charges for your order.

1. Ferns n Petals

I am not sure if you are aware but Ferns and Petals also make deliveries in Germany location. We all know how well the brand is back in India in delivering gifts, cakes, flowers and personalised gift items. You will also get some discounts if you are making your first purchase on their website.

2. Flowers and Greeting Cards – Bloom 2000

Bloom2000 has stores in many popular markets of Germany and they also sell bouquets, flowers online. There are three price categories which you can find at Bloom 2000, up to up to €19.99, from €20.00 to €29.99 and from €30.00. There are also some more websites that I saw online, but since I didn’t have any experience, I am not including their names here.

3. Rewe (Chocolates, Cakes & Wine)

Rewe is the one-stop destination to order chocolates, frozen cakes, ice-creams, groceries, snacks, food items, wine, some cosmetics, and beauty products. Rewe offers both delivery and pick-up services. You can book the slot for delivery. The minimum order of delivery is €50.

4. Bofrost (Ice-Creams, Cakes, Wine)

For any of the frozen, do not worry about it melting, the delivery services are great and they will ensure, the item is refrigerated in the van that is making the delivery. On Bofrost, the first order will give you a discount of €25, on a min purchase order of €50. My landlord orders bakery items and frozen food items from Bofrost, the delivery timing is always great by them. They are never late.

5. Courier or Parcel from India to Germany

How to send gifts or parcels from India to Germany at a cheap rate? If you are looking to send parcels from India, then I would suggest you use DPD, for heavy goods like 10kg, DPD has given me the best rates. You can try calling the nearest DPD office and they will pick up the items from your home. Try to negotiate with them for the best offer.

My mother once sent me a 16kg parcel and the rate which I got was 8000 INR for 16 kg. The only exception is you cannot send medicines. Food items and clothing items are still fine. It will take approx 8-10 working days for the parcel to be delivered. The courier guy will make a list of all the items and you have to obviously show him, whatever things you are planning to send to Germany.

There are also some companies like DHL, FedEx and India Post, you can choose the one as per your budget.

Things to do with your Partner on Valetines Day

1. Drive the Romantic Road: Castles & Vineyards

You will fall in love with the Romantic Strasse, this road has beautiful villages just like you read in the fairy tale books, castles and vineyards. The roads in Southern Germany, from Würzburg to Füssen is known as Romantische Strasse. The route from River Main to the Alps is just amazing to spend with your partner on Valentine’s day.

I am sure it would be an amazing experience to stop by and explore this route in some days. A popular stop on the Romantic Road, medieval Rothenburg ob der Tauber is Germany’s best-preserved walled town. Famous for its cobblestone lanes, you should definitely stay overnight to admire this city’s beauty.

  • Würzburg
  • Tauberbischofsheim
  • Lauda
  • Bad Mergentheim
  • Creglingen
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • Dinkelsbühl
  • Nördlingen
  • Harburg
  • Donauwörth
  • Augsburg
  • Landsberg am Lech
  • Schongau
  • Pfaffenwinkel
  • Schwangau
  • Füssen

2. Neuschwanstein & Linderhof Castle Full-Day Trip from Munich

Discover the splendid castles of Ludwig II, King of Bavaria. Visit fairytale Neuschwanstein, intimate Linderhof and scenic Hohenschwangau, before travelling through the little town of Oberammergau. Travel to the magnificent castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof. Enjoy a delicious lunch in Hohenschwangau and take a small detour through the picturesque town of Oberammergau.

Board an air-conditioned bus and visit Neuschwanstein Castle. Nestled in the foothills of the Alps, admire one of the most impressive sights in Germany. Take 4 hours to explore the grounds (ticket not included). Arrive at Linderhof, the only castle that Ludwig II managed to complete. At noon, stop at Hohenschwangau Castle, Ludwig’s childhood home, for lunch (not included). If time permits, continue to Oberammergau and lose yourself in the quaint streets of this picturesque town.

3. Berlin: Ticket for World Balloon with Perfect View

The new Berlin World Balloon is as unique as the city itself and one of the largest helium balloons in the world. The World Balloon has become something of a second icon of Berlin and draws countless visitors each day. Ascend to a height of 150 meters in total silence in a gondola secured by an extremely strong steel cable. Hover over Berlin from this height and enjoy an unobstructed view in every direction.

Exactly in the center of Berlin, the World Balloon floats above Checkpoint Charlie, the buildings around the Axel Springer building, the Sony Center and the Brandenburg Gate. Get a unique look at historic Berlin and an incredible view of the new heart of Europe.


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