Ultimate Useful Travel Packing List

2024 Ultimate Useful Germany Travel Packing List for Indians

The most useful and ultimate Germany Travel Packing List for Germany for Indians including Indian Students and Expats moving to Germany from India on Long Term Visa. What to bring and What not to Bring is a very common confusion that most of you will have. So, I decided to help you by preparing a blog post and a YouTube video on Packing List for Germany.

I have already made a video on my YouTube channel: Packing List for Indians coming from India to Germany. In case you don’t want to read this blog post and watch the video instead.

Germany Travel Packing List for Indians – India to Germany

Quick introduction about me, I am Eri and I live and work in Germany, I moved here in 2019 and started blogging in 2021. I like to make content around Life in Germany and share my Europe Travel Stories.

1.0 Most Important : Documents to Bring

1.1 Passport, Visa, Tickets

1.2 Original Educational Degrees and Certificates

1.3 Photographs

Please carry extra coloured photographs size: 35x45mm. It should not be black and white and your head should take 70-80%. I used the same photo size to renew my Indian passport in Frankfurt. The size differ from what we use in India.

1.4 Translated Documents in German like Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate (in some cases)

Online Service for English or Hindi Translation to German language in India: https://3ade.in/

1.5 Any relevant document you need for University Admin Purpose

1.6 Cash & Forex Cards

1.7 Important Pre-downloaded Mobile Applications

This is recommended to download Offline Map at Maps.me, DB App for booking train tickets online in Germany and regional train application. For example- I live in Frankfurt and we use RMV.

1.8 Indian ID proofs like Driving Licence, Adhaar, PAN card

I never used Adhaar, PAN here in Germany for admin purposes, but when I had some work in India and had to get it done from Germany then they do ask for PAN, Adhaar. For example, Indian Bank related work, changing existing LIC policy, etc.

Packing List for Germany
Ultimate Useful Travel packing List for Germany
India to Germany
Packing List for Germany: Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

2.0 Things to Bring : Germany Travel Packing List

2.1 Medicines

Please carry some common medicines for headache, vomiting, loose motions, pain killer, fever for emergency situations. You won’t be able to buy all medicines from chemists in Germany without a doctor’s prescription.

Chemist shops in Germany are known as Apotheke.

2.2 Electronics

I have seen that iPhones and Macbooks are a little cheaper in Germany than India.

2.3 Indian Food Items

My suggestion for you is to bring Indian Spices (the average cost of 100 gm Indian spices is 1 Euro in Germany). Bring some Maggi noodles to survive on Day 1 or Day 2 of your landing. You may or may not have the option to cook though.

Grocery Store in Germany: Rewe, Penny, Aldi, Lidl

2.4 Utensils

Pressure Cooker is very expensive in Germany, please buy 2L or 3L cooking as per your need. I don’t think you would need anything else from India, the rest of the things are available here in Indian Shops, Online Grocery Stores and Asian Stores.

You can buy pans and cooking pots with lids easily in German Stores like Woolworth, Tedi, Aldi, and Lidl. You can buy a pan instead of buying a Kadhai from India.

2.5 Cosmetics & Toiletries

For initial days only please carry a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, face wash, cream, small shampoo, small sunscreen, and comb. I find that you can easily buy affordable cosmetics and toiletries in Germany from Rewe and DM.

Famous Drugstores of Germany:

2.6 Luggage Bags

Ultimate Useful Travel Packing List from India to Germany
Indian Students and Expats moving from India to Germany
Packing List for Germany
Packing List for Germany: Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

3.0 Things not to Bring : Packing List for Germany

3.1 Comparing Prices from India to Germany and avoiding overpacking

When we move from one place to another, we just overpack. This time you should think smartly and utilise the price comparison method to cut short things in your list.

Use German Websites to find the alternative option of not carrying these things from India and buying them here. These are generally those things which you will not need in the first day or two after arriving in Germany.

Please do not buy excessive cosmetics and toiletries because they are available here at affordable costs in German Drugstores like Rossmann and DM.

3.2 Dont buy excessive cosmetics and toiletries

packing list for germany,india to germany,moving to Germany,ultimate useful travel packing list for germany
Packing List for Germany | Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

FAQs : Moving to Germany

Can I carry Indian Spices/ Indian Masale to Germany?

Yes, Of course, you can keep them in your checked-in luggage. I brought Indian Spices as well to survive my initial days in Germany without buying them here. An average 100 gm package of any Indian Spice would cost you around €1-2. You can buy them easily from Indian/Asian stores or order online in Germany.

Should I bring a Blanket to Germany?

No, I personally think you can buy blankets or quilts here in Germany easily. €10 for one single bed quilt from Woolworth.

Should I bring Winter Jackets to Germany?

No. You can find a better quality winter jacket suitable for German Weather in Germany. Please don’t overpack and bring all your jackets.

Should I bring Winter Coats to Germany?

Yes, Of-course you can bring your coats which will help you to layer with other winter wear items during winters.

How much luggage does Air India flight allow from India to Germany in the Economy?

Air India allows 2 bags for check-in (each 23 kg) in Economy Class and 1 bag for cabin luggage. For students, also have an option to bring more luggage, please check the official website of Air India.

How much luggage does Vistara Airlines flight allow from India to Germany in the Economy?

Vistara Airlines allows 2 bags for check-in (each 23 kg) and 1 bag for cabin luggage in Economy Class.

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