Complete Course for Studying in Germany

Is Complete Course for Studying in Germany Worth it| Bharat in Germany Review

Complete Course for Studying in Germany is the cheapest and most affordable guide in the market for students planning to study in Germany for Bachelors, Masters and PhDs. This is going to be a review of the complete course for Studying in Germany by BIG Academy. Is this course is worth it?

My name is Eri, I live & work in Germany and make videos about Life in Germany for helping students and expats planning to move to Germany.

Bharat made it with the mission of enabling students to go about the entire studying in Germany process on their own, without any help of a consultant, so in short, I can say that it’s a self-paced programme. After going through the details of the course, you will be able to understand if this course is relevant to you or not.

Complete Course for Studying in Germany
Complete Course for Studying in Germany

Who is Bharat in Germany?

You must be wondering Who is Bharat? Bharat is a Youtuber, a Guide and an Entrepreneur in the digital creative world. Bharat himself studied in Germany and completed M.Sc. in a German Taught Masters Program at TU Hamburg. He is now a Mentor and he along with his team has helped thousands of students already.

Since Bharat has been a student in Germany himself, he’s able to teach the ins and outs for POST ARRIVAL processes – which are of course, nowhere to be seen with anybody else in the market. A few of his popular courses in BIG Academy are:

  1. Complete Course for Studying in Germany
  2. Faster German A1
  3. Faster German A2
  4. German Universities Shortlisting Course
  5. Complete Course for Finding Jobs in Germany
  6. SOP Preparation Course + Review
  7. Complete Course for Freelancing in Germany

If you have tried the application process on your own and was unable to get an admit, and you actually don’t know the reason why is it happening again and again. Because you did everything as per the application guidelines. Then in this case you can get his help from this course.

It’s made with the help of someone who’s actually gone through the process on his own, whereas most consultants in India have never stepped inside Germany, let alone study here. I get a lot of messages on Instagram from aspiring students that they want to know the universities and courses for Master in Computer Science, Agriculture, etc, and How do I reply?

Since I haven’t studied in Germany, I don’t recommend random universities or courses. Here’s how this course is helpful because students get support from the moment they enrol in the course till the time their studies are done in Germany.

Bharat has a Team to support students with questions and bi-weekly live sessions.

Who can get help from this course? Students from which background?

The course is perfectly suited for all other fields like commerce, management, engineering, natural sciences, arts, architecture, pharmacy, social sciences and humanities, except students who want to do MBBS or MD, Nursing, Dentistry in Germany. Hence, this course is not suitable for students with medical degrees or backgrounds who want to study further in Germany.

Complete Course for Studying in Germany

It caters for the need of students who are looking for admissions in Public University because that’s the tricky part here. You can get into Private Universities (Where Tuition Fee is not Free) easily, however Public University (Most of university has zero Tuition Fee) does need some strategy and planning.

This course is helpful for all the aspirants of Studienkollege (Prep. course before Bachelors), Bachelors, Masters, PhD.

Selecting Universities for your application, proceeding with the Application process, Including SOP, LOR and multiple other documentations. Alert-Please doesn’t copy templates from the internet and write your SOP or LOR. It has to be perfectly customised with your personality and aspirations.

What are the main chapters and learning of the course?

This course will later help you with the Blocked Account, Health Insurance, Visa Process, How to Find Part Time Jobs, Settling in Germany once you Arrive and some essential training like Application Strategy, Networking Strategies, Intercultural Training.

The best part of the course is it comes with lifetime access and support related to your studies till the time you finish your Master’s. You can view the entire list of Chapters of this course from the course Link.

Honestly, I think this course is worth it when compared to the cost of this course and other consultancies. I hope now you will have a clear idea if this course is helpful for you or not.

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Is Complete Course for Studying in Germany Worth it| Bharat in Germany Review
Complete Course for Studying in Germany Review
Is Complete Course for Studying in Germany Worth it| Bharat in Germany Review
Complete Course for Studying in Germany Review

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